"I am so thankful that I found Bavarian Opera Academy. I‘ve been back a few times and it really has been vital for my development as a singer and artist. Monika and Kalle are lovely and have helped my singing and acting technique so much. 
This workshop is an amazing opportunity for singers to improve their craft in a safe and warm environment, meet and observe other wonderful artists, and audition for a casting agent (and receive helpful feedback!). I was even fortunate enough to land my first European solo engagement from one of these auditions. I highly recommend this program to every professional and emerging artist!"
Margaret Newcomb, mezzo (USA)

"Bavarian Opera Academy is amazing, it is the missing link between the singer, the agent and the Theater. Both Kalle and Monika are indeed very capable and sincere teachers and humans. The work with them inspired me, help me develop immensely and gave me the push I needed. I do recommend to everyone who want to have a real career in the Opera field".
Nona Krastnikova, soprano (Bulgaria)

"What a fantastic opportunity this has been. It is rare that you get the opportunity to work with professionals of the highest level, learn from them and sing for important people in the opera business all within a couple of days. Kalle and Monika are two wonderful people who truly care about the singers and succeed to get the best out of everybody in a positive and pleasant way. It was such a pleasure to participate in this academy and I can recommend it to every singer"
Jessey-Joy Spronk, soprano (Netherlands)

"I highly recommend auditions and workshops for young opera singers! For me it was a realy good opportunity to sing for very professional opera singers and managers. Kalle Kanttila and Monika Hauswalter were extremly attentive to every singer and gave us priceless recommendation and advices in professional improvement with future career. At the same time Kalle and Monika are very warm and kind - not only big professionals but also great people. It is a real pleasure to work and to have fun with them!"
Galina Benevich, soprano (Israel/Russia)

​I recommend this worskhops for all young singers who are looking for guidance, and support for making step forward into next level of their skills, career and knowledge of their own. It is amazing time here. Hard to explain how much this meetings helped me to improve my abilities, and find my way for future. Thanks to BOA I had opportunity to make auditions for opera directors and get feedback from best professionals - in fields including spheres of artistry, vocal technique and market requirements. Besides, I've met amazing, talented and inspiring singers, with whom I could share and exchange experiences.For sure, people and place where I want to get back soon!
Stanislaw Olejniczak, baritone (Poland) 

My Experience with Bavaria Opera Academy is very successful . The Coaching With Kalle and Monika, is amazing. I have to say I have learned from Kalle important things in singing technic he is an amazing coach and Tenor too with beautiful powerful Voice. I am highly recommended Bavaria Opera Academy to all Opera Singers who need to published there Singing skills. they are giving you also a great chance to audition to Opera houses from all over the world.
Hany Abdelzaher, tenor (Egypt) 

"This workshop was very very useful for Singer specially who want to start international career like me. They help singer with the best way technical, musical and professional. Through their feedback i could find what i have to do and i could learn what is importante to be opera singer. I thought it was totally different other banal materclass.. it was very nice experience. i loved to work with teachers. i really want to do again! best wishes 
* 커리어를 시작하고 싶은 젊은 싱어들에게 굉장히 유용한 워크샵이었습니다. � 흔한 마스터클래스와는 다른 실질적인 조언과 관심으로 값진 배움과 경험이 있는 시간이었습니다. 열정적인 그들과 또 작업하고싶어요!! ^^
Sujin (Stella) Oh, mezzo (South-Corea)

I had a very enjoyable experience at Bavaria Opera Academy, I have toke coaching session with Monika and Kalle, it was fantastic. I’m highly recommend Bavaria Opera Academy to all Opera Singers!
​Ruzana Grigorian, mezzo (Russia) 

"A fantastic workshop! Kalle Kantilla and Monika Hauswalter have such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to singing technique and acting that they share freely and their advice is so valuable for singers aspiring to sing in the big houses in Europe. The workshop ends with an audition for an important casting director from one of the big opera houses in Europe and it is done in a relaxed setting so that you have every opportunity to show what you can do. One word sums it up quite well, "Invaluable".
Martin Lindau, tenor (Sweden)

"During the intensive week spent at the Bavarian Opera Academy, I gained more vocal freedom, more polish and expression in presenting my audition arias as well as a chance to audition for a major theater. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to participating again in the future!"
Emma McDermott, soprano (USA)

The Bavarian Opera Academy was like nothing else I’ve experienced in the Opera Industry. Very rarely do you find advice that is wise, helpful, honest, and to the point like that of Mr.Kanttila. When you are finished just a few sessions with him, you are able to perceive exactly what it is that you need to do vocally, presentationally, and dramatically to take your career to the next level. Kalle Kanttila is a consummate operatic professional and an expert in the field of vocal training and the business of singing. Moreover the biggest difference in what Kalle and the Bavarian Opera Academy present is a kindhearted and genuine environment of artistic growth. The atmosphere allowed every participant to receive feedback, but still feel valued as a person and as a singer, regardless of one’s level of expertise. It is truly a safe space to make mistakes and grow from them. When one leaves the BOA, you feel completely in touch with your own perceptions of what makes you as a singer unique. Your talent, persona, and artistry is found anew and you will find that you can do things you never realized were possible with your voice and dramatic presentation. It is truly a place to discover all you need to become, not just a singer, but an artist. It was and will continue to be a truly life changing experience for me.
Geoffrey Di Giorgio, baritone (USA) Workshop in San Francisco 

"I have learned so much in this amazing workshop with Kalle and Monika! They are 100% there for every singer individually and have all the tools to help one grow artistically and vocally. It is a workshop that really prepares one for the audition season and opera stage!"
Jennifer Zein, soprano (Austria)

"This was an incredible experience! Wonderful people, top notch coaching, and an incredible opportunity to sing for major people in Germany. I highly recommend this to any and all singers who want to grow in their craft and have a desire to sing in Germany. Thank you Kalle and Monika for an incredible week!"
Brett Sprague, tenor (USA)

"I have already participated twice for these Workshops. The lessons are top class and the atmosphere is really warm and familiar! In my opinion the opportunity to get some constructive feedback directly from the casting director after your audition and just to be able to ask and get to know what was good in your audition or what you can maybe do better next time is really useful and quite rare. And I have already received further auditions at the Theaters through these Workshops.
I highly recommend these Workshops for everyone!"
Joska Lehtinen, tenor (Finland)

"The Bavarian Opera Academy is a unique opportunity where you can work on your technique and combine it with expression and stage presence which is so crucial to prepare an audition. Having the opportunity to present the results to a casting director in the end and getting a profound feedback is a huge possibility to grow and improve your audition skills. Monica is a great singing teacher with a good intuition for every singing idividual. The work with Kalle is very enriching as he knows the perspective as a singer and agent. I can recommend it to every singer and I will definitely come back to prepare for the next challenges!"
Yvonne Prentki, coloratura soprano (Germany)

"I learned so much from this program! Kalle really helped me with my acting and presentation, which was something that I have always struggled with. I definitely want to do this program again!!"
​Sheida Sanders, soprano (USA)

"The Bavarian opera-academy was a great, valuable and useful experience for me. The teachers were professional. They really know how the opera world works and what are the most important things to know when you are preparing for an audition. I got a really useful feedback of my audition from the intendant of the opera house, which is rare. 
The environment was amazingly beautiful and peaceful and I got to know many wonderful new colleagues during the week".
Silja Sevonkari, soprano (Finland)

I highly recommend Bavarian Opera Academy workshops! It was for me a so complet and intensive experience! With great teachers, professional advices and amazing technique lessons.
The house offer you a good place to focus on your own voice and it's also relaxing, so be ready for the audition with medium or big theater.
Laure Kieffer, soprano (France)

"It is a very unique opportunity to get to sing to a casting director so that they really have time to listen and give feedback. If you are professionally ready for that there is a real chance to receive audition invitations or even job offers. Overall atmosphere is relaxed, cozy and supportive. I highly recommend whether you need vocal tips, audition coaching or career advice."
Elli Vallinoja, mezzo (Finland)

"Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich am Meisterkurs teilgenommen habe. In einer entspannten und familiären Atmosphäre habe ich viele neue Eindrücke und Ideen sammeln können, die mich auch noch heute - Monate später - inspirieren und vorantreiben. Das konstruktive Feedback vom Casting Director aus Nürnberg war sehr informativ und detailliert und somit ein krönender Abschluss. Ich kann diesen Meisterkurs nur weiterempfehlen!"
Svenja Schicktanz, soprano (Germany)

"Es war eine sehr tolle Erfahrung die ich immer wieder gerne mache. Der Unterricht ist sehr genau, intensiv und inspirierend! Es war eine sehr arbeitsintensive Woche und doch entspannend. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen!!!"
Gabriella Colluto, soprano (Switzerland)

"In this work shop I had learn something more about my voice but also about my body acting in the scene. I think Maestro Kanttila is a very good teacher and a very kind person! This was a very good experience in the serenity of a beautiful place!!"
Chiara Manese, mezzo (Italy)

"Working intensively for 4 days before presenting myself to an opera casting director was a very educating experience. I could improve vocally and refine my presentation and repertoire list with the help of Kalle and Monika from the Bavarian Opera Academy. I look forward to returning for another session after having incorporated their constructive comments."
Michelle Mallinger, soprano (Netherlands/USA)

"Es war ein wunderschöne Athmosphere mit Monika und Kalle zu arbeiten. Mit viele Positivität, Motivierendes und Amüsant unterhaltung was man beim Singen braucht. In dieser eine Woche könnte man sich sehr schnell entwickeln.  Bühnenpresentation und Technisch  was man braucht, könnte man hier lernen."
Doğuş Güney, bass (Turkey)

"These workshops teach you HOW to get HIRED in theaters in TODAY's climate. They are heavily geared towards helping an artists secure a reliable and sustainable technique and overall artistry of the highest quality. The fact that you can listen in on other colleagues working is also very helpful".
Tshegofatso Tj Moeng, tenor (South-Africa)

"Wonderful idea and program! Wishing nothing but the best and VIEL ERFOLG für die Zukünft!!"
Janice Dixon (USA)

"Spending a week at the bavarian opera academy was a really beautiful and incredibly useful experience. Besides learning a lot and challenging a lot of what I thought I knew, the atmosphere was wonderful, supportive, really relaxed and I enjoyed my time immensely while taking with me some invaluable experiences".
Buga Simic, soprano (Croatia)

"Great stuff and amazing time in Germany. Also it’s good way to get feedback from casting directors and intendants".
Toni Nezic, bass (Croatia)

I really enjoyed working with Kalle Kanttila! He has a great ear for the voice and offers his coaching from a singers' perspective first, because he’s a singer himself. My coachings with him allowed me the much needed perspective shift that I was looking for in my practice and I’m very grateful that I had this opportunity. I highly recommend this workshop!
Erin O'Meally, soprano (USA) Workshop in San Francisco

I am so thankful for this opportunity to attend a Bavarian Opera Academy workshop! I've had 4 days intensive coaching by Kalle Koiso-Kanttila and the session ended with an audition for Casting Director of Opera Basel. I received profound feedback from best professionals and it is really encourageing. Looking forward to next workshops and auditions!.
 Andreas Väljämäe, bass-baritone (Estonia)